Super Mario Bros

The greatest sidescroller for the NES maybe ever


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Your mission in Super Mario Bros 3 is to try to rescue Princess Peach while defeating mushrooms and other enemies that try to stand in your way.

This is the classic Super Mario Bros game that you might have enjoyed as a child. The graphics could use a little work, but that is to be expected coming from a computer download. The controls do take some time to get used to as it's sometimes hard to run and jump at the same time with the keyboard. However, the music is the same, and you will play as the classic characters--either Mario or Luigi.

There are eight worlds that you have to play through with many challenges and secret tunnels in each world. You will find a different ruler in every world. These are rulers that were once decent creatures, but they have been turned to the dark side by Kuppa King. Your goal is to try to defeat each level and to reach the ruler of each world in order to turn the ruler back to its original character. A magic wand is hidden in each world that will turn the ruler back into its true form.

Each world has its own name. From the first world of Grass Land, where you have to defeat flowers that try to eat you, to the Big Island, where everything is twice its original size, you'll find that the game is extremely fun. You only have a certain number of lives in the game, so it's best to use them wisely. If you die in one level, then Luigi will get a chance to play. If Luigi dies, then it's Mario's turn again.


  • Classic Mario action and adventure
  • Fun challenges
  • New enemies


  • Poor graphics in some worlds
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